Experience Counts!

Living in and serving the City of Winchester for over 40 years, I consider this community my home. We live in a place of beauty, with a long history of family values, and leadership that is geared toward sustained and deliberate planned growth.

For the past twelve years, I have had the honor of representing the Second Ward on Winchester’s Common Council. I’ve served my community in various capacities, as Vice Mayor and City Councilor, in numerous civic groups, the NAACP, and local churches.

In my career as a case coordinator at Timber Ridge School, it was imperative to have excellent listening skills and the ability to relate to other people. I was able to bring these skills to our community at all levels on the most diverse and challenging issues that we encountered. Serving on Council allows me to collaborate with our citizens, addressing your concerns about making this a better community.

One of my continuing strategic objectives is to bring people together to find common ground to overcome current and future challenges. We have made significant developments to our community, such as the downtown mall redevelopment, traffic, and pedestrian safety improvements. The friends and neighbors I have met and been able to assist have been some of the most special relationships of my life. Winchester is a great community with great people!

Right now, we are faced with a great challenge but also a great opportunity. The terrible COVID -19 pandemic has seriously affected our lives, jobs, business’ and ways of doing things we used to call normal. We can come back not just to “normal” but get to “much better”! Supporting small businesses and jobs will bring greater success for all citizens. The nationwide civil unrest over the loss of many black lives this spring has opened up discussions affecting racial justice and fairness. Change has already started here and, I feel, will continue.

I will bring all my experience as a representative on Council to move Ward 2 forward in
the future for sustainable businesses in this area and improved workforce development skills. To do that, I need your vote for John W. Hill for Ward Two city council.

Vote early & vote safely at
107 East Lane starting
September 18 – October 31.

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